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The Secret to Surviving a Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest Survival

Buying a defibrillator is one of the best things that any organisation can do.

When someone has a cardiac arrest there is an average of 3-5% chance of survival (across the whole of Europe about 6% in the UK).

There are 2 things that can make a difference:

  • High Quality Minimally Interrupted Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Early Defibrillation

So if you can get someone doing CPR and get the casualty defibrillated then what is the chance of survival?

It could be as much as 74% (given the casualty having been in Cardiac Arrest for 3 minutes. You could be looking at a higher chance of survival if the casualty is defibrillated earlier)

What would you rather have/give 6% or 74%?

The estimation is that the chances of surviving can drop by as much as 10-14% per minute.

The difference between surviving and not is Early CPR & Early Defibrillation followed by Early Hospital Care.

IOSH raising concerns over businesses' lack of defibrillator presence

IOSH study reveals the shocking fact that LESS THAN 50% of businesses do not have defibrillators. The poll released on 18th February 2013 shows that most business that don't have defibrillators (from large to small companies) felt there was no need, others put it down to cost.

IOSH research and information services manager Jane White said:

This is actually worrying news for us

The poll results revealed that those working in education were hit the worst and retail workers in two thirds of companies said they didn't have one and office based staff had a fifty percent chance of having a defibrillator on site.

Ms White said:

We want businesses to take a good look at the number of employees they have, their demographics and the kind of sector they work in, to assess whether they should get a defibrillator on-site.

If someone suffers a cardiac arrest at work and does not survive, it is devastating for their family, friends and workmates and it can also cause a great deal of stress for the person giving CPR. Companies also need to consider the impact of losing a member of staff on their fellow employees, factoring in the cost of down-time, counselling and any replacement or training of staff. The message here is not only an ethical one, it also has financial implications. Of course, a defibrillator is good health and safety practice because it saves lives, but it also makes sound business sense.

can big companies with healthy turnovers afford not to have one?

Defibrillator Training

At Albacare we are renowned for our defibrillator training. Our training course is not just about using the defibrillator. It is CRITICAL that during the use of a defibrillator, when the casualty's life hangs in the balance, that we exploit every available second!

What we train people to do is fully manage a casualty in cardiac arrest. By ensuring the the trained individual is as ready for each of the essential steps of the cardiac arrest.

This casualty's chance of survival will be reducing by as much as 14% per minute!

With each minute as crucial as this we have engineered our course to consider these factors and ensure the the delegate is able to respond to the variety of difficult and pressurised needs of the casualty.

Course Content:
  • This is a 4 Hour course focusing on defibrillation and CPR
  • CPR (with extended CPR sessions demonstrating physical needs)
  • Recovery Position
  • Action for vomiting in unconscious causalty
  • Turning a casualty from front to back
  • Theory behind defibrillation
  • Practical scenario based CPR with incorporation of the defibrillator
  • Trouble shooting guidance
  • Guide to "ideal" defibrillation practice
  • Cautions and considerations when using defibrillators



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Sports Coach Defib Package

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Indoor & Outdoor Cabinets

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Albacare Defibrillator Maintenance Care Packages

Scottish Medical Journal & British Heart Foundation Concerns on the lack of defibrillator maintenance programs

"Deficiencies were identified in longer term maintenance and replacement of machine"

A study published in the Scottish Medical Journal* funded by the British Heart Foundation called Scottish Survey of Public Place Defibrillators highlights a growing concern relating to the rapid deployment of life saving Automated External Defibrillators due to pads and batteries going out of date rendering the device inoperable.

This study also highlighted that there is in the majority of locations a need to closer manage training and re-training.

"deficiencies were also identified - at accommodation of staff turnover in training"

*Scottish Medical Journal - Volume 55, Issue 3, pages 8-10

Maintaining defibrillators is a national problem. Don't let it become one for you!

Albacare's Unique Maintenance All inclusive package

Our comprehensive package will allow you the comfort and security to know that when you're defibrillator is called for the pads and battery will be ready to help save a life and touch the life of so many people.

Not only that but when you need to use the defibrillator just make a call to us and we will send the replacement life saving kit... no purchase order, no procurement procedure NO HASTLE.

Taking the management responsibility from you and giving it to us!

Have a look at the great deal and call, email or fill out the enquiry form to get a no obligation quote.

Brand New Defibrillator Maintenance Package Details

The complete package for newly purchased defibrillators

The pads have an expiry date of 2 or 5 years (more or less)

Battery has a 4 year warranty

We are offering the following -

  • 2 sets of replacement Electrode Pads on expiry.
  • Replacement Electrode Pads and rescue ready kit (razor, towel, gloves, faceshield etc) in the event of AED use.
  • A replacement battery after 4 years.
  • A sticker with our telephone number to place on the AED to call if you discover an issue
  • A report to whom every you wish, following the replacement of the pads and battery and also if there are any other issues

Existing Defibrillator Package

The complete package for existing defibrillators of any age or type(regardless of who you purchased from)

We can offer exactly the same service for Any Defibrillator Any where.

We will completely manage the renewal of any Automated External Defibrillator regardless of age, machine type, location. All we need is you to tell us make, model, pad type, battery type and expiry date currently on the pads and battery.

We will then take control and issue your pads and battery when the time comes.

This completely removes the need for you to worry about what pads go out of date, when, how to source replacements, delivery time and ensuring they go direct to each of the individual locations.

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