NEW for 2016 - Zoll AED3

  • The cost of the AED3 starts at £1465
  • You can buy the AED3 & CPR & AED Training for up to 16 people (2 x 4 hour courses) for £2165

The Zoll AED3 comes in Fully (£1600) and Semi Automatic (£1465).

As this is a State of the Art defibrillator there are several talking points. The 2 most critical updates are CPR Feedback and incredibly rapid analysis of the heart rhythm (1 of 2 world wide with under 10 seconds analysis -typically 4 seconds-)ensuring the minimal time possible where either CPR or Defibrillation are not ongoing.

The CPR Feedback is vital to ensure that the CPR given is to the best most up to date standard with audible prompts saying PRESS HARDER or GOOD CPR.

The electrode pads are permanently connected to ensure weekly checks can be made of the internal workings, pads presence and battery status.

The electrode pads are the same pads for Adults and Children with colour images demonstrating connection on the FULL COLOUR touch screen

  • Being a 2016 defibrillator is can deliver a shock typically within 4 seconds
  • Additional benefits include the crucial CPR feedback device in the for of REAL CPR HELP
  • These Defibrillators have a 8 year warranty (6 years as standard and upgraded to 8 years when registered)
  • The shock, should if not successful, escalates in energy (120j, 150j, 200j)
  • These Defibrillators self checks battery, pads, buttons and software on a weekly basis
  • Intuitive Visual Prompts via full colour touch screen guiding the rescuer through the whole process with steps indicated and verbal instructions
  • Wifi updates and rescue data collection
  • USB connectivity to update software or download rescue data

The Resuscitation Council guidelines 2015 state that is a defibrillator can increase the energy discharged by the shock can increase if the preceding shock is not effective then it should 2015 Guidelines.

The defibrillator package most commonly requested is -

  • Zoll AED3 (Semi or Fully Auto)
  • 2 X Electrode Pads (1 with inbuilt CPR feedback)
  • Wall Sleeve
  • Casualty Preparation Kit

If you are interested in this defibrillator complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you with a detailed quote specific to your individual needs..... we always ensure you get the appropriate defibrillator for your specific needs.