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Health Surveillance by Albacare

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance can sometimes be a daunting prospect for employers to consider, it can often leave more questions than answers without appropriate guidance.

Albacare's attitude to Health surveillance is based around simplicity and communication, whether it is Health Surveillance for Industrial Audiometry (Hearing Tests) or Spirometry (Lung function testing) or for many of the other elements of routine screening we can help.

We work with you to ensure that the Health Surveillance meets your objectives whilst achieving regulatory compliance.

A well structured approach to Health Surveillance can also help in achieving ISO and BS certification, when implemented with an effective Health and Safety Management System, and ask yourself; how can you be effective without employing a specialist? That's what you've got us for, Albacare, Taking Care of Business for over 20 years.

What the HSE Say

Risk Assessment and Comtrol

The starting point is your risk assessment. Through this you will have found out the hazards in your workplace, identified who is at risk and taken measures to do something to control the risks.

Where some risk remains and there is likely to be harm caused to your employees, you will need to take further steps. Consider health surveillance if your employees are at risk from:

  • Noise or vibration
  • Solvents, dusts, fumes, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health
  • Asbestos, lead or work in compressed air
  • Ionising radiation

Control measures may not always be reliable, despite appropriate checking and maintenance, so health surveillance can help make sure that any ill health effects are detected as early as possible.

Do I need health surveillance?

If there is still a risk to health after the implementation of all reasonable precautions, you may need to put a health surveillance programme in place.

  • there is an identifiable disease/adverse health effect and evidence of a link with workplace exposure
  • it is likely the disease/health effect may occur
  • there are valid techniques for detecting early signs of the disease/health effect
  • These techniques do not pose a risk to employees

Some of Albacare's Health Surveillance Services
  • Skin surveillance
  • Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Surveillance and Staging
  • Hearing Surveillance
  • Lung Function Surveillance
  • Occupational Health Physician Service
  • General Advice & Education on what needs to be done, how and how often
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